16. September 2021



The Allgaeu

The City of Kempten 12 km

The energy village Wildpoldsried 6 km

The  ABC (Alpspitz-Bade-Center) Nesselwang 32 km

The  Hopfensee near Füssen   44 km    Route 

The Auerberg near Bernbeuren   36 km  Route

The Dengelstein in the Kempten forest 12 km route on foot

The ruins of Castle Falkenstein 40 km

The Castle Eisenberg and Castle Hohenfreiberg 35 km route

The Pöllatschlucht near Schwangau 28 km

The Lechfall near Füssen  27 km

The Reichenbachklamm near Pfronten 22 km

The farm museum  Illerbeuren 30 km

The Illerdurchbruch at Altusried 30 km

The small and large Alpsee  Immenstadt 27 km

The Auwald Lake (Rauhenzell b. Immenstadt) 20 km

The  Steigbachtobel in Immenstadt 25 km route

The  Buchenegger waterfalls (in Oberstaufen) 35 km

The Breitachklamm near Oberstdorf 57 km route

The Sturmannshöhle  near  Obermaiselstein 37 km

The Glashütte Schmidsfelden Leutkirch im Allgäu 32 km route

The  Eistobel  51 km route




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